He Chongyue

Beijing based artist, was born 1960, uses a handmade large-format 4 x 10 camera to photograph a series of ancient walls. These walls bear the evidence of centuries of the specifically Chinese mode of public communication, "the propaganda wall". The ancient walls and stone carvings retain evidence of past regimes and the large-format camera allows He to capture the exquisite details of original text or the attempts at erasure, often dating back to much earlier centuries, as well as layers of more recent text, carved or plastered on top of it, recording the passage of history and memory.

Selected Solo Exhibitions

A Billion to One: Dictated Parenthood and the Feudal Mind, Sala Parpalló museum in Valencia Spain on Oct, 2008

A Billion to One: Dictated Parenthood and the Feudal Mind, Vaness Art Link, on June, 2008, Beijing

A Billion to One: Dictated Parenthood and the Feudal Mind, Oct. 2007. Atlanta, USA

Selected Group Exhibitions

Spectacle and Gaze, Collection of Contemporary Photography in China. CAFA Art Museum CHINA, Nov. 2009.

Sightings: Searching for the Truth, 2009 GUANGZOU PHOTO BIENNIAL, GUANGDONG MUSEUM OF ART, May 2009

FOTOENCUENTROS, Jan. 2009 Murcia, Spain

China/ Transformations,FotoFest Houston,March, 2008, United States.

Grassroots Humanism, 21 Cases of Contemporary Art, Beijing Songzhuang mDec. 2007. Beijing

Beyond “SITE SPECIFIC”, Beijing 798 Zone, Sep. 2007.

“The Documentary Exhibition of Black and White Realism” Beijing HuanTie Times Art Museum, July 2007.

"BOUNDLESS REALITY Photography Exhibition " 706 workshop, 798 Zone, Beijing, May 2007

“Seduced and Abandoned, Chinese Contemporary Sociological Icons”, 0 Factory, 798, Beijing 2006.

“Seduced and Abandoned 2006 Chinese Contemporary Sociological Icons”, Vanessa Gallery, Jakarta,Indonesia in 2006

The Pingyao International Photographs Festival, in Shanxi province, China 2005/2004/2003/2001.

Public Collection